Suhaib Gets A Car Wrap And His Instagram Followers Choose The Color

Suhaib Shashaa has teased us, through his account on Instagram, about a new decision he made to change the color of his personal car again, and in this episode of Vlog program, we will show you what color Suhaib chose for the car wrap job he got for his Mercedes C 63 AMG W204.

The color change of Shuaib’s modified C63 car was secretly made by Frost Auto Body Studio A in Dubai, and in the video attached to this article, we reveal to you the third color that Suhaib’s car got.  The first was its primary black color that earned it the title “The Dark Knight”. Then we showed you last September how the car’s color was changed to Green.

In today episode of Vlog program, we see the third color that Suhaib’s Mercedes got which was decided by his followers on Instagram.

Watch The Video:

As we saw in the video, Suhaib peeled the green plasti dip, so that the Mercedes C 63 AMG body could get a distinctive blue wrap, and during today’s video, we will provide you with a set of instructions and tips about the process of choosing the right foil for your car.

Frost Auto Body Studio team provides a wide range of high-quality wrapping films imported from America and Europe, and Suhaib chose HEXIS for his Mercedes. Frost Auto Body Studio provides a 5-year warranty against any damage caused to original body paint and it guarantees that its wrap does not form any air bubbles.

There is also a discount waiting for ArabGT followers if they decide to pay Frost Auto Body Studio a visit to change the color of their cars.

Note: the decision to change the color of your car in Dubai United Arab Emirates requires a simple but important legal process. Using Dubai Police application, you can request a car color change, upload the car pictures and information and then obtain the official approval electronically.

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