Subaru Develops An Electric Crossover Concept In Cooperation With Toyota

Today, dear Arabs GT followers, we will present the latest car introduced by the Japanese company Subaru; A new fully- electric crossover concept that was co-developed with Toyota.

But first, and before introducing the world’s newest Japanese electric concept, we would like to inform you that Subaru officially announced on Monday that 40% of the cars it will produce by 2030 will be fully electric, following the footsteps of most car makers around the world.

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Now, let us go back to the new concept, which came because of a collaboration that brought together Subaru and Toyota, and its outcome will hopefully be a production electric crossover coming to the global markets before 2025.

The electric crossover concept comes with a very futuristic design that includes a front end with very thin futuristic headlamps, but the car lost the front grille although it kept the fake vents, as we are talking about a fully electric car that does not have a fuel engine to be cooled.

The car is characterized by sharp lines as if it was an upgraded version of Tesla’s Cybertruck. The design of this vehicle features an extended black glass, while from the side; the car also got large rims, with glossy black wheel arches.

The newest of Subaru cars announces a new collaboration that brought Toyota and Subaru together to co-develop this new platform dedicated to electric SUVs, which is flexible enough to be used also on future electric sedans.

Tell us what you think our dear Arab GT followers, about the exterior design of the Japanese crossover presented by Subaru.

Note: Just as a reminder, our colleague Suhaib Shashaa has previously test-driven the world’s fastest Subaru STI in the first season of Special Car, you can watch the English subtitled video on the following link: The Fastest Subaru STI in the world.

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