Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 Got More Modifications for SEMA

Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 got ready for SEMA

Before heading to Las Vegas to participate in 2019 SEMA Modified Car Show, a Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150’s pickup decided to get some more touches to make it even more distinctive.

We are talking about a new modification package that was obtained by a 2017 Shelby version of Ford F-150 pickup, before it took part in the world’s most popular auto show for modified vehicles.

For those who didn’t like the idea of ​​ Ford F-150 Raptor ditching its V8, and getting  a 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 engine with a twin-turbocharger, generating 421 hp and 678 Nm of torque (450 hp and 691 Nm in US market), Shelby introduced Super Snake Sport F-150 Special Edition back in 2017 with a V8 powerful engine.

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However, it seems that Shelby was not content with its tremendous achievements at the beginning of this year when it also revealed Shelby GT500, the most powerful production Mustang to date, with a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 that generates 760 hp and 847 Nm. So it decided to modify this Shelby Super Snake F-150 and take it to SEMA.

“While our current four-door Shelby trucks are extremely popular, hardcore fans dreamed of a two-door in the spirit of the great 1960s muscle cars,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American.

“After an event where we were besieged with those requests, Vince LaViolette and I began penciling out a Shelby Super Snake Sport over dinner. We took that idea to trusted partners, suppliers, enthusiasts, and team members to collaborate on the design and content. The Shelby Super Snake Sport F-150 is that vision come to life as a concept vehicle.”

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The modification job included lowering the height of this powerful vehicle with a modified suspension, a set of 22-inch alloy wheels surrounded by new tires, and a modified exhaust system from Borla. Other modifications made to this Shelby F150 pickup included a modified body kit for a meaner and more aero look, while the interior has the Shelby amenities expected of a super truck

Mechanical Specifications for Shelby Super Sneak Sport F-150:

A supercharged 5-liter V8 engine generating 755-horsepower and is connected to a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

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