Rolls Royce Produces Something Edible In The Time of Coronavirus Instead Of Luxury Cars

Today, dear Arab GT followers, we will introduce an edible product made by the English company Rolls Royce instead of luxury cars in the time of Coronavirus

First of all, we would like to note that most of us agree that the Coronavirus, which causes Covid 19, changed the lifestyles of many of us, as it has affected productive sectors in all fields, prevented the movement of people, greatly reduced the movement of airplanes in the air, and locked everyone in homes, a situation worthy of a Hollywood post-apocalyptic movie that no one expected to become true, may God protect us all and help us go through these difficult times.

But the story of producing Rolls-Royce honey did not start in the time of Corona but rather a long time ago, as the project was launched in 2017 at the English company factory and it started with 6 beehives named after the company cars: Phantom , Wraith, Ghost, Dawn, and Cullinan in addition to Spirit of Ecstasy hive, which was named after Rolls Royce emblem.

The new information we have indicates that Rolls-Royce honey was not affected by the decision to shut down the Goodwood factory in March 2020 due to the risk of a Corona pandemic, and we learned today that the English company produced honey from a quarter of a million bees next to the luxury car factory.

If you were thinking that the luxury car company is bragging about the product that enhances the human immune system at the time of coronavirus in order to attract wealthy customers into buying it, then you are wrong! We assure you that this honey is not for sale, it is presented to the guests and visitors of Goodwood factory when they come to receive their new cars or their “palaces on wheels” to be more sincere.

ArabGT followers may know that this is not the first time we hear about employing bees in car companies to produce honey. Previously, the German company Porsche took  this step, and it is not the only one,  the British company Bently which is competing against Rolls Royce, has also established  two giant beehives containing 120 thousand honey bees near its headquarters,

Producing honey is not limited to luxury car manufacturers, as Ford also has adopted the work of 80 thousand bees near the American Rouge factory where Ford F-150 pick-up vehicles are produced.

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