Realize Your Dream And Drive Racing Cars On The Dubai Autodrome

Experience the Thrill and Excitement of Racing on The Dubai Autodrome

With the beginning of 2020, we would like to announce the return of Vlog videos on your website Arab GT, and we’re presenting today a number of hot laps performed by a host of racing cars on the track of Dubai Autodrome in the United Arab Emirates.

The beginning was with Suhaib Shashaa, who went early in the morning to the Dubai Autodrome , which is the right place to drive fast cars in Dubai. But Karim Deeb did not make Suhaib enjoy his time alone as he suddenly went to the Dubai Autodrome circuit too, and he test-drove a group of fast cars with Suhaib on the track as you see in this video.

The racing cars that we test-drove today:

  • A racing version of the French car Renault Clio RS.
  • A racing version of The German car Porsche Cayman GT4.
  • The British racing car McLaren 650 GT
  • The Italian racing car Ferrari 458 Challenge Italian.
  • DXB Formula Car.

Watch The Video:


This exciting video included a speed challenge between Suhaib Shashaa who drove a Ferrari 458 Challenge against Karim Deeb who drove a McLaren 650 GT, and in the end, Ferrari won, partially because of its semi-slick tires.

After that, we drove the rest of the racing cars, and according to Karim Deeb, if you’re going to The Dubai Autodrome, you must test drive Renault Clio RS.

So if you have a driving license, here is what matters the most, these are the prices of test-driving race cars on Dubai Autodrome :

5 laps driving Ferrari 458 Challenger will cost you AED 2,995.
5 laps driving McLaren 650 GT will cost you is AED 2,365.
5 laps driving Porsche Cayman GT4 will cost you  AED 1,950.
The cost of a 20-minute Renault Clio RS Club Sport tour is AED 1,150.
The cost of a 20-minute Formula DXB tour is AED 920.

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