Pagani Huayra Fools Everybody With This Crazy Modification

Finally, our team at ArabGT will get to test-drive a Pagani, but it is not the real thing, as the star of today’s episode of Special Car, is indeed a motorcycle that was modified to look like a Pagani Huayra.

Many supercars enthusiasts may remember that Suhaib Shashaa, accompanied by a professional driver, took a ride on board the Pagani Huayra BC Coupe, which has a price tag of more than 1,470 million US dollars, equivalent to 5,514 million Saudi riyals. However, we will introduce today a motorcycle that modified and inspired by the rare Italian supercar, Pagani Huayra.

Before we introduce this modified trike, we would like to remind you of the last 3 episodes of Special Car program:

Watch The Video:

This professional and elaborate replication is based on the American Slingshot three-wheeled motor vehicle, which is powered by a 2.4-liter Chevrolet Malibu engine that generates 167 hp , connected to a manual  5-speed gearbox,. But the vehicle got some crazy modifications that include a body kit that transformed it into a replica of the rare Italian supercar Pagani Huayra, as we see in the front end. The vehicle was also lowered just like supercars, but when you see it from the back or the side you can easily recognize that it’s a motorcycle and not a car.

The modifications also included providing the motorcycle with a 22-inch rim in the back, and in the back, it was provided with a distinctive and crazy rear wing that makes you for a moment think that it was taken from the Batmobile, and it got two side doors that open like gull-wing doors.

The cost of modifying this motorcycle was 32,676 US dollars, equivalent to 122,532 Saudi riyals or 120 thousand dirhams, and it is legally licensed to be driven on public streets in the United Arab Emirates.

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