One-Off BMW X7 Pickup Carries BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle

We had previously heard about the BMW X7 pickup with its one and only concept version, but today we will show you new images of this Bavarian vehicle that will not enter production lines.

Before we talk about what is special about the pictures in this article, we would like to remind you ArabGT readers that this concept BMW pickup is based on BMW X7 SUV, which is the largest vehicle produced by the Bavarian BMW car company. We have already test-driven BMW X7 in an episode of Test Drive program, presented to you by Karim Deeb.

As you can see, the pictures show the one-off BMW X7 pickup truck with BMW F 850 GS motorbike on its bed in a very eye-catching way, and the automaker describes the 2 vehicles as “faithful companions” .

As we are talking about the luxury pick-up category, Audi and BMW, have previously confirmed that they will not produce vehicles in this category unlike what Mercedes-Benz did when it introduced the Nissan X-Class pickup, which is based on Nissan Navara model. Maybe the low sales figures of Mercedes Pickup helped them make their mind!

Just as a reminder, the BMW X7 pickup is based on the xDrvive40i version of the X7, a linear 6-cylinder engine with a twin-turbo that generates 340 hp and 450 Nm of torque.

The concept truck got an additional length of about 10 cm compared to the car, and it also became 200 kg lighter due to the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic in parts of the roof, rear doors and the rear bed.

The loading area is finished in fine-polished wood, and the cargo bed is 140 cm when the rear lid is closed and it extends to 200 cm when the rear lid is opened, providing a suitable loading space for the new BMW motorcycle.

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