One Of The Best Golf R Cars In GCC Participates In Volkswagen Stars

The competition started to increase in Volkswagen Stars, as the challenge moved from Saudi Arabia in the first episode to UAE now. In today’s video, we will show you the second competitor, a 2016 Golf R from the seventh generation, owned by Ahmed Al Hosani, 24.

As you know, dear followers, last Thursday we started showing the episodes of Volkswagen Stars competitors, which also means that you can vote for your favorite contender and by voting you enter the draw to win a new 2020 VW Passat.

After we introduced you to the most powerful Golf GTI in Riyadh, owned by Mohammed Al-Ateeq, today we will talk about a new VW car whose owner is participating in this new competition on ArabGT website.

Get to know the 2016 Golf R 2016, which received external and mechanical modifications, before competing in this new Arab challenge launched in the Middle East:

At the beginning of the episode, Ahmed Al Hosani told us that the Golf R was the first car he owned and that he chose it when he was studying in college because he was looking for a car that combines practical and economic features with a sporty identity.

The mechanical modifications of the Golf R 2016 that appeared in this episode, included high-performance brakes, new intakes, new downpipes, and a new intercooler. Turbo pipes were enlarged and the car has stage 2 tuning among other modifications.

These mechanical improvements raised the power of this modified Volkswagen Golf R to a range between 420 to 450 hp, and Ahmed Al Hosani aspires in the near future to further increase the power of his German sports hatchback to 550 hp.

Ahmed Al Hosani has previously participated in the 2018 DUB Drive Championship with this car, and it was named the best Golf R in the event.

Vote for Today’s competitor by clicking here Ahmed Al Hosani and enter the draw to win a new Volkswagen Passat 2020.


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