Nissan Navara Pickup Equipped With GT-R Engine Becomes So Powerful

Perhaps you need a very deep breath before you know the amount of power that the Japanese Nissan Navara pickup truck got after it was equipped with a new engine, borrowed from its sister, the super sports car Nissan GT-R.

As many of you know, nothing can stop the passion for car modification, not even the Corona pandemic which has affected the freedom of most of the world’s population making many of us work from homes, but thankfully many people have recently had the opportunity to go back to work within precautionary measures that certainly includes; wearing masks, keeping a safe distance, and other requirements to help stop the spread of this virus, may God protect us all and one, and help us through this crisis so that we at ArabGT can continue introducing the latest car modifications.

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The star of this article as we mentioned above is a Nissan Navara pickup truck that was modified and equipped with a new twin-turbo 6 3.8-liter V6, and this engine, which was equipped in  Navarra, was modified to become suitable for a Drift car, generating 1000hp!

This pick-up was modified in Britain by SM Motorsport headed by Drift champion Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni, and this project was named Navara R Project.

The modification project did not only include the addition of a new engine to the truck, which was borrowed from GT-R, as the suspension systems also were modified, and the truck got them also from GT-R.

Certainly, there were modifications made to the vehicle’s brakes and maybe the gearbox as well, but we have to wait until the 10th of June to know all the details when an official video of this very powerful modified pickup is released.

As a reminder, these are the adventures of our ArabGT team with the Japanese Nissan Navara truck:




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