News Leaks Reveal The Fate Of BMW V12 Engines

It seems that BMW will follow in the footsteps of its fellow Mercedes-Benz and will soon stop providing V12 engines in its cars.

After the production of the Mercedes G65 AMG was stopped and the final version of the Mercedes AMG S65 was launched last year, which is considered the end of providing 12-cylinder engines in production cars from the German company, It seems that the Bavarian manufacturer BMW decided to make the same decision that our colleague Suhaib Shashaa always talks about, which is stopping the production of large-sized engines in cars, and the beginning was already with the 12-cylinder engines and V8 engines will follow soon.

News Leaks Reveal The Fate Of BMW V12 Engines (1)

According to what was published by the Bimmer Today website, the production of the 2020 BMW M760Li 2020 will be stopped next fall, which is the only car manufactured by BMW with a V12 engine, The report also said that this decision specifically targets the European market, as there are strict government regulations and laws against the use of big petroleum engines that produce high emissions of carbon dioxide.

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The report did not indicate whether the M760Li version of the 7-series would continue to be produced in other global markets, but our ArabGT team believes it is just a matter of time before the same decision is made in other countries.

News Leaks Reveal The Fate Of BMW V12 Engines (2)

As we are talking about the BMW 7-Series, the most luxurious car produced by the Bavarian car manufacturer, we must remind you of previous information confirming that the German company will provide an all-electric version of it, called BMW i7, which may depend on an 80 kW or 120 kW battery generating power of over 650 HP, with a range of more than 700 km per electric charge.

BMW has yet to confirm these press reports, but during an interview, BMW M chief executive Markus Flasch was asked if BMW’s twelve-cylinder engine has a future. “Beyond what we have, I don’t believe we will see a new twelve-cylinder model in the foreseeable future” he responded.


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