New Range Rover 7-seater Car Conducts Secret Tests In The Time Of Masks

Today, we obtained a set of spy photos of a prototype of the new Range Rover 7-seater, while it was conducting secret tests in the time of the masks, which became a requirement to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus causing Covid-19 disease. May God protect us all!

The star of this article is the upcoming 2020 Range Rover Evoque in its long-wheelbase version that will have 7 passenger seats, which makes it a family car that specifically suits mothers, as the Evoque is considered the smallest Range Rover.

Range Rover according to size, from largest to smallest:

The new Range Rover 7-seater spy shots:


These photos were published for a camouflaged prototype of the Range Rover Evoque LWB today on the Internet, and it is assumed that the long-wheelbase version will be longer than the current Evoque that extends up to 4,371 mm, knowing that the second-generation Evoque is 20 mm longer than the previous model.

ArabGT team does not have official information revealing the markets in which the 2020 Evoque 2022 long wheelbase with 7 chairs will be available, but we hope it will be available in the Middle East market, as it will be a car suitable for families.

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The new Range Rover Evoque 7-Seater is likely to be powered by the same engine options that are currently available on Evoque:

  • A turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that generates 200 hp.
  • A turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that generates 250 hp.
  • A turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that generates 300 horsepower.


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