Mercedes G63 Pickup Truck Appears In New Rendering Images

In this article, we will introduce 2 images of a Mercedes G63 pickup that were published on Instagram. Of course, the pictures are not real but rather the result of a digital modification job

Most fans of Mercedes-Benz cars may know that there is now a pickup truck in the German manufacturer lineup of vehicles called Mercedes X Class, and as you may remember, it was based on the Nissan Navara pickup.

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Mercedes Pickup, X-Class truck is available for sale in specific markets, but according to some press reports the German company has decided to discontinue it due to slow, and Mercedes has previously confirmed that it will not provide a high-performance AMG version of its X-Class.

Mercedes G63 Pickup Truck Appears In New Rendering Images (1)

However, today we are talking about a rendering that imagines a pickup truck based on the 2020 Mercedes AMG G63. As we said, the vehicle does not exist in reality, but these digitally modified photos have been posted by Rendering artist J.B. Cars’ account on Instagram. As we can see, the 2020 Mercedes G63 AMG has been changed drastically from the front doors and back in these imaginary pictures,  but the front end remained the same,

It is worth noting that the AMG G63 has already been test-driven by Karim Deeb in one episode of ArabGT’s Test Drive program.

Mercedes G63 Pickup Truck Appears In New Rendering Images (2)

Tell us what you think dear ArabGT followers about the Mercedes AMG G63 pickup! Has it reminded you of G63 AMG 6X6, which is considered one of the rarest G-Class cars ever?

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