Mercedes-Benz lays off 10,000 employees by 2022

Today, our dear followers we will talk about the decision made by the German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz company to dismiss at least 10,000 employees by 2022, which is within three years from now.

Before talking about this decision that will affect to a large number of people who work for the Mercedes-Benz, we would like to remind you that the last new car unveiled by the German giant was the 2021 Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 which will compete against Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the most luxurious SUV in the world.

Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 2021

According to official statements from Daimler, the owner of the Mercedes Benz Company, a set of measures will be taken to implement the cost reduction plan, which will include the abolition of at least 10,000 jobs in 2022!

This will save about 1.54 billion US dollars as a result of the abandonment of this number of the German manufacturer workers, and it will certainly provide the legal rights of all workers who will be dismissed, after discussing the terms with labor unions.

The decision was made to reduce costs by sacking this huge number of Mercedes-Benz employees, in order to use the money in other investments, such as developing fully electric vehicles and self-driving technologies that Mercedes will be producing in the near future.

In order to dismiss this number of Mercedes employees, Mercedes plans to expanding retirement and job termination possibilities for many employees in Germany, with a major focus on reducing the number of managerial staff worldwide by 10%.

electric new-mercedes-eqs

Mercedes’ parent company, Daimler, is stepping up its efforts by cooperating with other German companies to finance massive investments to develop more electric and self-driving cars to keep up with this dramatic shift in the history of the automotive industry.

Daimler’s plans also included a reduction in the profit forecasts for the next few months, and in the coming weeks, it will also reduce the services of its temporary employees.


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