Listen To The V8 Roar Of The 2021 Porsche Cayenne Coupe GT

Turn up your headphones and listen to the roar of the V8 engine that will be powering the upcoming 2021 Porsche Cayenne Coupe GT

As a reminder, we have previously test-driven the all-new 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe in an episode of Special Coverage program, but the upcoming GT version is rumored to get a totally different engine. According to many unofficial reports, the 2021 Cayenne Coupe GT is getting the same engine used in  Lamborghini Urus, since both companies, the German Porsche and the Italian Lamborghini are owned by VW Group.

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And now we present a spy video showing a prototype of the upcoming Cayenne variant while it is being tested in secret

As Porsche fans would know, 3 versions of this model have been released so far; Porsche Cayenne Coupe, Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe, and Cayenne S Coupe, and now we are waiting for the GT version we are talking about in this article, and the Porsche Cayenne Coupe Hybrid., and we also expect more Cayenne variants to come.

According to a press report published last year by Motor Trend website, the upcoming new GT variant will be powered by a twin-turbo 4-liter V8 engine borrowed from the Italian Super SUV; Lamborghini Urus, which we have test-driven previously.

Despite the fact that it’s unlikely for the Cayenne to have the same power of 641 hp (650 PS) as Lamborghini Urus, the engine power of the upcoming Cayenne Coupe GT will certainly be greater than the 541 hp available in its sister Cayenne Coupe Turbo,

As soon as we have any official information about the upcoming GT version of the Cayenne Coupe, we will provide it to you immediately, God willing!

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