Leaked Reports About Mitsubishi Pajero Cars Production

New leaked reports revealed information suggesting that the production of Mitsubishi Pajero, which specifically rivals the Toyota Fortuner, will be stopped soon.

After 39 years of producing the Japanese SUV and the sale of more than 3.3 million copies of Mitsubishi Pajero in the global markets, the retirement date of this model is finally coming, after its sales stopped in the Japanese market since April of 2019.

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According to what was posted on the CarAdvice website recently, it seems that the end of the Pajero production will be very close and will be during the next 2021.

Reports announced that the discontinuation of Mitsubishi Pajero cars will take place next year, as there are details indicating that the Mitsubishi plant which produces Pajero model will be closed due to the poor sales of this model.

As a reminder, these are the generations of Mitsubishi Pajero:

  • The first generation started in 1982 and continued until 1991.
  • The second generation was produced during the years 1991 to 1999.
  • The third generation was made from 1999 to 2006.
  • The fourth and current generation started in 2006 when it appeared in Paris Motor Show, and it will be ended next year 2021 according to these reports.

As a reminder, the Japanese company has already introduced the final version of Mitsubishi Pajero dedicated for the Japanese market, which depends on the fourth generation of this model and made a limited number of 700 copies only.

Despite years of success recorded by Pajero in its previous generations, the financial difficulties faced by Mitsubishi and the delay in launching the fifth generation of this model led to a decrease in sales of this model.

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