Leaked Images Of The New Bugatti Chiron R

Today we will show you some leaked photos of Bugatti Chiron R, which will represent a new supercar from the French manufacturer Bugatti owned by the German Volkswagen Group. It is likely that this car will be one of the stars in the world of speed records, and it will be showcased next month in Switzerland at Geneva Motor Show 2020, where our ArabGT team will be present, God willing.

Certainly, this upcoming supercar will represent an exclusive version of the legendary Bugatti Chiron, which has already been tested by our colleague Suhaib Shashaa in an episode of Special Coverage program we present on your site, ArabGT. Watch it HERE

As a reminder, when the Bugatti Chiron, the legend of speed, was first revealed during Geneva Motor Show in 2016, and was introduced to replace Bugatti Veyron, it was announced at the time that only 500 copies will be produced over a period of 7 years ( With an average of approximately 70 cars per year), especially that manufacturing one Bugatti Chiron takes 6 months of work– from the start of production to delivery – at the hands of 20 employees, who assemble the 1 800 individual parts by hand.

And if the information published on TheSupercarBlog is correct, we are talking about a car that will carry the name of Bugatti Chiron R as we mentioned at the beginning, to be one of the special versions of Chiron and stand next to s; Chiron Sport, Chiron Super Sport 300+ , and Bugatti Centodieci.

Depending on multiple press reports , this special edition is expected to have better aerodynamics and special touches that include a giant rear spoiler, which will increase downforce  as the car is expected to get more power,

Sure enough, the price of this variant will be more than the price of the “regular” Bugatti Chiron, which starts from 3 million USD, which equals 11,250,000 SAR in our markets.

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