Lamborghini Helps Italian People Fight Against Coronavirus

The production lines of the Italian supercar company Lamborghini have been transformed from producing supercars to medical equipment, in order to save their country, Italy and the Italian people from the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic there.

As we mentioned today, dear Arab GT followers, the French PSA group, which owns Peugeot, Citroen and DS Automobil, has made a formal decision to switch to manufacturing mechanical parts for ventilators, which are needed by COVID-19 patients.

In the same way, the Italian company Lamborghini decided to start producing face masks and shields for health care workers in its factory after these masks became a necessity for most of the inhabitants of the planet in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, which was started from the Chinese city of Wuhan before it spread globally causing the death of thousands in Italy.

The Italian Supercar maker announced its plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese would make masks and face shields for health care workers at the Sant’Orsola-Malpighi Hospital in Bologna. The company said it can produce 1,000 masks and 200 face shields per day.

Photos of volunteer workers at the supercar’s factory:

As we can see, the Italian company Lamborghini transformed parts of its factory in Bologna, Italy, to manufacture products unrelated to the world of supercars, in order to protect the Italian people who have been hit particularly hard by coronavirus,

According to official figures from the World Health Organization that was announced recently, the United States of America leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases with a total of more than  204,000 cases, followed by Italy with more than 110,000 cases and then Spain ranked third with more than 102,000 cases.

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China, the place where Coronavirus first emerged in the beginning of the year. is now in fourth place, with 81,554 cases, while Germany is in the fifth-place with over 72,000 cases.

Globally, more than 44,000 people have died, about 900,000 have been diagnosed with the virus at the time of writing.


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