Kindi GTI Competes For Volkswagen Stars Title With A V5 Golf MK4 GTI

VW Golf MK4 GTI is The Fourth Car of Volkswagen Stars Competition 

Hammam Al kindy has been a VW fan since 2001, which made him compete in Volkswagen Stars competition with a 2002 Golf GTI Mk4 equipped with a manual gearbox.

We shot today’s episode in the Omani capital Muscat under the rain to introduce Volkswagen stars fourth competitor, who told us about his passion for the first car he ever drove after he got his driving license.

Hammam picked the 4th generation Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk4 to be his first car, and he took it from his brother. Then he owned a brand new 2005 Mk5, and after that, he owned a number of the German VW cars.

Watch the Video (English Subtitled):

In his modification job, Hammam followed OEM+ philosophy which means he customized his car discreetly, without revealing the mechanical modifications made to this hatchback.  He shared his work on International forums, where it was much appreciated.

Hammam Al kindy was also the first to buy Golf GTI Mk7 in Oman back in 2013.

The car GTI chose to participate with, in Volkswagen Stars is the 2002 model he bought in 2018, the same model he used to learn driving, which shows his passion for these cars. The only difference between the two cars is that the car that appears in today’s episode is powered by a turbocharged 2.4 5-cylinder V5, a very unique engine.

The car also got an air suspension system and a full R32 body-kit in addition to Porsche’s original wheels.

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Vote for Today’s competitor by clicking here Hammam Al-Kindi and enter the draw to win a new Volkswagen Passat 2020.

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