Important Tips For a Problem-Free Car Storage During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Car Storage Can Cause A Lot Of Problems!

How to properly store your car for a long or a short period without risking the vehicle experiencing any failures or problems when you come back to it? This is exactly what our colleagues, Suhaib Shashaa, will be talking about in today’s episode of Vlog.

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As you know, “Stay Home” has become a worldwide campaign now, in order to reduce the outbreak of coronavirus, and many countries have imposed lockdowns and curfews, which means the movement of cars has been greatly reduced, and a large number of vehicles are now parked in the time of coronavirus without, may God protect us all!

So, how can we protect our cars from problems that may result from letting them sit for a while?

In today’s episode of Vlog program, Suhaib Shashaa will give us some car storage tips, and as be stated , he will be accompanied by  BMW M5 E60

Watch The Video to Learn How to Store Your Car Properly:


  • In the beginning, you must make sure that the engine oil is in a relatively good and new condition. Even if the car has not been used for a long time, the oil must be constantly changed to preserve it, and it is preferable that all oils used in the stored car are relatively new.
  • Make sure to use antifreeze-water instead of regular water in the car radiator before storing your car.
  • If you are going to let the car sit for just for a couple of days, there is no reason to worry about its wheels, but if you’re going to leave it for a long period of time it is necessary to think seriously about lifting the car up from the ground. You can use the rubber parts that Suhaib mentioned in the video.
  • Letting a car sit for a long time weakens the car’s battery, and you might end up with a dead battery when you come back to your car. To avoid this situation, if you want to store your car for a long time, and you couldn’t start its engine once a week, it is preferable to disconnect the battery.
  • It is preferable to fill up the fuel tank in the car, but if you’re leaving the car for extended periods of time it’s better to, completely empty the fuel tank.
  • When leaving the car for an extended period of time without use, it must be covered with a fabric cover.

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