Hyundai Veloster Is The First Korean Car In Special Car Program

For the first time, we host a Korean car in Special Car program, as Suhaib Shashaa will introduce a “chivalrous” Hyundai Veloster in today’s episode, whose story began when its owner bought it as a brand-new car from the dealership in 2012.

Before we introduce what distinguishes this Korean car, we would like to remind you of the last 3 Special Car episodes that we presented:

Watch today’s  episode to get to know this chivalrous car that was inspired by the Jordanian shemagh:

Hyundai Veloster car modification price list:

  • The body kit price is 5,446 USD.
  • The price of the Pioneer audio system is $ 3,812.
  • The price of the exterior design of the car is 1,770 dollars.
  • The price of a Magnaflow exhaust car with programming is $ 1,634.
  • The price of the front lip and side skirts is $ 681.
  • The price of the hydraulic shock absorber system is $ 2,995.
  • The price of the custom headlights with Bluetooth control is $ 762.

When the Veloster was available for sale in the Middle East market, it was available only with the basic version, which was powered by a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine.

This modified Korean car comes with 18-inch wheels with a beautiful design that matches the Veloster’s shape.

Our team at ArabGT would like to thank Ala’a Hassan, the owner of this Hyundai Veloster, the star of today’s episode of the Special Car program.

Share your opinion about the Jordanian shemagh inspired 2012 Veloster after watching the episode.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Special Car program in Sundays of every week, God willing!


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