How Can I Sell My Car Online? 5 Secrets To A Successful Online Car Sale

For years now, you can sell cars on the Internet with ease instead of going to the used cars market yourself in hot weather. The electronic car business has flourished in previous years and gained a strong boost recently, as the digital world has become the last resort with the spread of Coronavirus – may God protect us all – which caused imposing curfews in many parts of the world – except for Sweden- and the interruption of many sectors, including Automotive trade.

ArabGT had presented a few months ago a special section that provides the service of buying and selling cars in UAE and all Arab countries:,  and now you can place an ad to sell your car on this site for free.

If you’re thinking of selling your car, take the chance now! Here are the steps …

The first step: Go to Sayartii website, then click the Menu button at the top of the screen on the right and create a new account. You will receive a confirmation e-mail .

How Can I Sell My Car Online 5 Secrets To A Successful Online Car Sale 1



Step Two: Return to Sayartii website and log in with the name and password you chose, then press Menu again.




Step Three: This time you will be presented with a list of different options, choose the country you live in, then go to the end of the list and you will find a button “Sell your car now”

How Can I Sell My Car Online 5 Secrets To A Successful Online Car Sale 3

Step Four: Now a page will be opened for you called “New Announcement”, upload pictures of your car and fill in the required data about the car, such as type, year of manufacture, vehicle color, type of gear, number of cylinders, Mileage, etc…

The fifth step: In the end, click the “Activate Ad” button, and in this way your advertisement will be activated and viewed by all site visitors and you will, God willing, get the opportunity to sell your car and collect its price in the easiest and fastest way.

In order to encourage you and help you improve your car selling chances, ArabGT team offers you 5 of the most important secrets of selling cars online

  1. Determine the price of the car
    In the beginning, you should evaluate your car well and know its value in the market, and then we advise you to put a good price, but the price of your car should be slightly higher than the price of similar cars. For example, if your car price is 10 thousand dirhams, we suggest that you request 11 thousand, in order leave room for price negotiation.
  2. Take good pictures of the car
    Through Sayartii website you can upload a number of pictures of your car, but make sure that the pictures are good to make your car stand out from other cars, and to do that search for a good spot for photography that provides sufficient lighting, and you must also take pictures of the car from its various sides, from the front, back and sides with some interior pictures.
  3. Screen potential buyers carefully
    If you put a good asking price for your car, it is expected that you will receive a lot of phone calls, but be aware that some people are calling to buy the car cheaply and then resell it for more. You can tell when they offer a very low price for the car before they even come to see it, and we advise you to end negotiations quickly with this type of client.
  4. Clean the car and prepare it
    After someone sees your car photos on the site and requests an appointment to see the car, the car must be in perfect condition, of course, we do not mean that you should fix every small scratch in the bodywork, but when the buyer comes to see the car you want him to like it , and to do that, you must at least wash the
    car and clean it from the inside with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Let him test drive the car
    You can arrange an appointment with the buyer in order to try the car in a public place and it is best not to go alone, take a friend with you. During the Test Drive, try not to look wavy, but you should answer the questions of the potential buyer, he might as well need some instructions on the road if he is coming from a far place or from a different city.Of course, if the buyer decides to check the car at a mechanic shop and returns to you with a long list of necessary repairs, then you have to take down a little bit from the car’s price.

    In the end, we wish you the best of luck and that you successfully sell your car online!

What are you waiting for? Upload car pictures now on Sayartii website!

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