How Can I Buy Cars Online? 5 Secrets To Buying Cars online

Buying cars Online is now more popular than ever, especially after the spread of the Corona epidemic that put restrictions on the movement of cars and people around the world – may God protect us all – which moved a large part of the movement of buying and selling cars to the web.

While ArabGT presented its own section for buying cars online a few months ago, represented by website, which provides its services to all Arab countries from the ocean to the Gulf and for free, today we present 5 of the most important secrets of how to successfully buy cars online, which we hope will help you find a good car at the right price, and in short time.


Step 1: Go to Sayartii website and click the Menu button on the right at the top of the screen to choose the country you live in

How to buy Cars online Sayartii



The second step: Go to the search tab and type the name of car you are looking for, where you will find all the types of cars available in your country

buying cars online




Step Three: You can also click on the Filters Search button on the left at the top of the screen to specify the city you live in, the type of vehicle you are looking for, and other specifications that will help you find what you want as quickly as possible.

buying a car online

And now to our golden tips, the secrets of buying cars online …

1) Set a Budget

Before you start searching on Sayartii website, we advise you first and foremost to set a specific budget, you must know exactly how much you can spend on buying the car, this step is very necessary for more than one reason, it narrows the scope of the search and excludes high-priced brands, which makes it easier for you find the right car in a short time.

Also, when you set a budget that matches your financial capabilities before starting the search, you will be psychologically prepared to find a car within this realistic budget, instead of finding yourself examining expensive cars and trying to find additional finance sources to achieve your dream of owning a Ferrari!

2) Know What You Want

Some people know exactly what they want, they know the brand and model and maybe even the year of manufacture and the car’s color,

But if you are from the majority that does not know exactly which car they want, it is better to think about the purpose for which you want the car for. For example, if you are young and single, small cars may be more suitable for you than large SUVs, and also if you have a large family, Hatchbacks will not help you, but of course it is ultimately up to you and the target for which you bought the car for.

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3) Compare Prices

Used car prices vary greatly according to the condition of the car, so after you set your budget and choose the type of car you want to buy, it is better to search for more than one car of the same type and from the same year of manufacture, in order to have some idea of the prices.

4) Negotiate

We do not mean to underestimate the price of the car, but in general, the asking price is often negotiable.

After you have seen enough cars, compared their prices and had some idea about the price of the car in the market, you can ask for a discount on the price of the car that you like if you find that it is offered at a price greater than what you can pay, and if you do not like the price, do not hesitate to leave the car and search for another.

5) Test Drive The Car

It is always a good idea to test drive a car before buying it ,  just make sure to drive on streets similar to your area and workplace.

During the test drive, pay attention to any sounds from the engine when accelerating or from the brakes when stopping, also note if there is a sound of air blowing from the window or sunroof, and do not forget to check the interior control buttons.

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