Here Is The Final Episode Of Exploration Journey Season 2 with Ford Pickups

Ford Pickups Exploration Journey in KSA Has Reached An End

The second season of Exploration Journey has reached its end today with the 5th and final episode, in which we discovered vast areas of Tabuk Region in northwestern Saudi Arabia, accompanied by 2019 Ford pickups.

During this season, our team chose to test the capabilities of Ford F-150 Raptor pickups on parts of the 2020 route of Dakar Rally, the worldwide-famous rally that will be hosted by the Saudi Kingdom next month, God willing.

Before the end, our team decided to visit Wadi Disa which is one of the most important places in Tabuk. Disa valley is characterized by an abundance of streams, palm trees, wild herbs, and mountains, which gives it a picturesque character. In addition to this, Wadi Disa is considered one of the most important natural locations in the upcoming NEOM Future City, which we talked about in the previous episode.

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After we had the honor to be invited to the farm of our dear brother Abu Abdul-Ilah, we took the new Raptor and Diesel engine Ford Ranger and went to discover the Disa Valley, which has a different nature, as we mentioned earlier, so much so, it made Mousub compare it to the American state of Arizona.

We got to know this special place in the Kingdom and then we moved from Wadi Al Disah to the Shaqri area of Tabuk, a village known for its low temperatures. In Shaqri we headed to Wadi Shaq, approximately 75 km from Tabuk, which has a great mountain crevice.

Then we took Ford pickups to Tabuk Al Ward area, which is translated to “Tabuk of the roses” in English. And as its name indicates, this area is very famous for producing and exporting roses to the Netherlands, France, Britain and all of the Gulf and Arab countries.

With this, we reached the end of the second season of e “Exploration Journey” program, during which we went with you on an amazing tour around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The end of the trip was at the “Parents’ Mosque” on the outskirts of Tabuk after we traveled more than 2,250 km on various terrains with Ford pickups.

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