Guinness World Record For Longest Drift With An Electric Vehicle!

The Guinness world record for the longest drift with an electric vehicle officially announced, and these moments were documented at the Porsche Experience Center in Germany.

As we are talking about a Drift show that was performed by an all-electric car at the Porsche Experience Center in its home country, Germany, you all must have known that the car who made this record is a version of the Porsche Taycan, which has already undergone a number of test-drives with our team at Arab GT.

Watch The Video:

Porsche instructor Dennis Retera did 210 laps on the 200 meter-long drift circle without the front wheels ever pointing in the same direction as the curve: after 55 minutes the sideways expert had covered a total of 42.171 kilometers. By completing this marathon distance, Retera secured the world record for the longest continuous drift in an electric car. The average speed was 46 km/h. The record was achieved with the rear-wheel-drive version of the Taycan, which is already on sale in China.

The Dutchman is now the Chief Instructor at the Porsche Experience Centre Hockenheimring but previously competed in karting, single-seaters, and endurance races. “Nevertheless, it was also very tiring for me to keep my concentration high for 210 laps, especially as the irrigated asphalt of the drift circuit does not provide the same grip everywhere.

GPS and yaw rate sensors within the vehicle were used for documentation purposes, as was a camera installed on the roof of the track’s control tower, with which the record ride was filmed.

It is worth noting that the holder of the world’s record for the longest drift is a BMW F90 M5, when BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz drifted nonstop for eight hours, covering 374.5 km

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