Good News For BMW Fans About A Future High-Performance X8 M

Today we will talk for the first time about the possibility of producing a high-performance M variant of the BMW X8, the new SUV expected to be added to the Bavarian manufacturer X family.

As most of us would remember, BMW started its X family of SUVs with the X5 model, which was launched in 1999 and is now in its fourth generation. Since then BMW has introduced a number of these sport utility vehicles including the  front-wheel-drive X1 and X2 models, and the BMW X7, which  is the largest SUV produced by the Bavarian company

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If the media reports are correct and BMW does produce the  X8, then it will be an ultra-luxurious X7, and as you remember have already test-driven BMW X7 in detail. But of course, the new X8 will not be as luxurious as the Rolls Royce Cullinan, which is the most luxurious SUV in the world. We say this because BMW owns the English carmaker Rolls Royce.

However, today, we are discussing the possibility of introducing a high-performance M variant after it was published on Bimmer Post blog, that BMW had filed a trademark application for the X8 M model name, and that this could signal that we will be seeing a new top of the line M SUV.

The information has been verified through the Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt website

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On the other hand, we obtained press information before the end of last year suggesting that BMW X8 will not appear before the last quarter of 2020, but this information was before the time of coronavirus outbreak, which makes us almost sure that this car will not appear before 2021, and that the X8 M may follow in 2022 as a 2023 model.

Note: The pictures used in this news are for the BMW X7 iPerformance concept car.

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