Golf R Mk7 Is The 3rd Contestant’s Car In Volkswagen Stars Competition

Stage 2 Golf R Mk7 With Around 400 hp

Today, we present the third episode of the Volkswagen Stars competition, in which we introduce the third challenger, Sheikh Saeed from Syria, a resident of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, who is competing for the title with his Stage 2 modified 2016 VW Golf R Mk7.

The 3rd episode starts with an exciting round of acceleration with this modified German hatchback equipped with a four-wheel-drive system, and a fully modified iPE exhaust, which made for a great sound experience. Karim Deeb enjoyed the sound of the engine so much that he named Ashraf the King of Popcorn!

Watch the Video (English Subtitled):

Now, let’s talk about the modifications that was made to this Volkswagen Golf…

The car had a full body kit from ASPEC that includes a hood made of carbon fiber, and it also got modified Rotiform rims and an upgraded air suspension system. While Mechanical modifications included stage 2 modifications which increased the engine power to around 400 hp.

Ashraf told us that he spent a long time on-line looking for the car of his dreams; Volkswagen Golf R32 MK4, the model that was made during the period from 2002 to 2004. But this version, in particular, was not available in the Saudi market, and due to the laws that prohibit the import of cars more than 5 years old. , the competitor of today’s episode could not fulfill his desire to own this car

But in 2007 Ashraf bought a silver-colored Golf MK4 GTI powered by a 5-cylinder engine, after that he bought an R32 MK5 after he failed to own the MK4, and finally, he owned a 2016 Golf R MK7 in 2015, the star of today’s episode of Volkswagen Stars.

After this talk, Ashraf told us that he has been a fan of VW cars since he was 13 years old and that he first learned driving in a Volkswagen owned by his father, the details of the story are illustrated in the video.

Vote for Today’s competitor by clicking here Ashraf Al Sheikh Saed and enter the draw to win a new Volkswagen Passat 2020.


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