Gold-Plated Rolls Royce Phantom Works As A Taxi In India

Some accounts on Twitter have posted tweets about a taxi car that is difficult to imagine it will serve customers for real. The star of this article is the luxurious car Rolls-Royce Phantom coated in shiny golden chrome.

Before we talk about this crazy act that converted Rolls Royce Phantom from the “palace on wheels” that it is to a regular taxi that transports strangers, we would like to remind you dear ArabGT followers that more than 3 years ago, our Arab GT team provided you with a test drive of this distinguished car presented by our Colleague Kareem Deeb in an episode of Test Drive program.

Watch Rolls Royce Phantom Test Drive HERE

Gold-Plated Rolls Royce Phantom Works As A Taxi In India (2)

Now, let’s go back and talk about the new taxi car that will work in the Indian state of Kerala, the Rolls-Royce Phantom coated in a shiny golden color that reflects sunlight. The information we have suggests that this car has recently arrived in India after it was sold in a public auction; it was wrapped in gold not yellow though it will become a taxi that transports people from one place to another for money.

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According to what was published on Gulf News, the Indian millionaire Chemmanur owns this car, and it will be used to transport wealthy tourists between resorts and landmarks in Kerala. To our surprise, renting this Golden Rolls Royce Phantom is not expensive, you can be enjoying the services of this luxurious car If you stay at Oxygen Resorts for 2 days, which will cost you about 345 USD, equivalent to 1,293 SAR.

It’s also worth noting that this Rolls-Royce Phantom coated in shiny gold chrome is the seventh generation, not the all-new eighth-generation that we test-drove, and it was purchased in an auction at a low price.


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