Going Off Road Behind The Wheels Of The New Land Rover Defender

We continue with you, dear ArabGT followers, the second part of our adventure in South Africa, exploring Namibia with the new Land Rover Defender, the 2020 model.

As you might remember, in the first part we saw what happened behind the scenes of this unforgettable adventure that our colleague Suhaib Shashaa took to test drive one of the most important British-made SUVs,  after a long trip from the United States to this African country that our team is visiting for the first time.

Watch The First Part Of Our Adventure In Namibia

The second stage of this adventure starts with camping, as Suhaib spends the night in a tent taking all precautions to avoid the risk of scorpions’ stings. Suhaib has to sleep well as the next day he will be driving for a 20 km on very difficult and rough terrains onboard the new Land Rover Defender vehicles, a stage that would take from 2-3 hours as estimated.

Then our team will continue on regular roads bringing the driving hours to a total of 10 to 12 hours.

Watch The Second Part:

In this adventure, we got to meet some of the indigenous people of this country, and Suhaib noted that their lives are very difficult, as they face many difficulties to find food and drinking water, which should remind us all to thank God for his countless blessings in our daily life even if most of us at the time is living in home quarantine to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus, may God protect us all!

The adventure covered a distance of one thousand km on the desert roads in South Africa, and certainly, it included some situations, such as tire punctures, but the specialized team accompanying the trip solved these problems professionally and quickly.

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