Ford Has To Sell 908 Cars To Equal The Profit Made By One Ferrari Car

Today, we will be talking about shocking information that reveals the amount of profit earned from each new Ferrari car sold during the past year 2019 by the Italian company.

But first, we would like to remind you that companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Bagani, Aston Martin and other names of car companies that we all dream of owning one of their products, annually make reasonable numbers of cars in relation to the excellence of their vehicles and the duration of the construction of each exclusive copy.

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Of course, the size of their production can not be compared to mass-production companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Kia and other companies whose cars we usually see on the roads in most parts of the world.

According to a recently published report  by Fiat Group World, which is, a non-official website that monitors sales of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ferrari, the Italian supercar maker Ferrari managed to sell 10,131 new Ferrari cars during 2019 and each car had a 23.2 percent operational margin

The unofficial report added that each new Ferrari sold last year recorded a net profit of $ 94,474, equivalent to 354,277 Saudi riyals, which is a huge profit margin, as it equals the price of a brand new 2020 Audi Q8  in the Emirati market.

When comparing the financial profit that was recorded from each new Ferrari sold last year according to this press report, with the financial profit that the Italian company made in 2018, we notice that the profit decreased slightly from $94,947, equivalent to 356,051 Saudi riyals.

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The report also added that the Bavarian BMW company needed to sell 30 new cars to equal the profit of selling one new Ferrari according to profit figures for the past year! As for Mercedes, it has to sell 67 new cars to achieve the same profit, and Ford needs to sell 908 cars to get the same profit!

Moreover, and for the first time in its history Ferrari exceeded 10 thousand cars in sales, which translates to a net revenue of $ 4.21 billion, equivalent to 15.78 billion Saudi riyals.

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