Ford And Chevrolet Dispute Over Pickup Emoji

 Pickup Emoji Is Finally Coming!

It seems that smartphones Emojis that most of us use while communicating on social media or through WhatsApp conversations have become another field for rivalry among car companies as well.

while all carmakers are competing to provide more; crossover cars, SUV  and pickups, in order to get more customers and expand their market shares, the challenge has moved this time between Ford and Chevrolet to smartphones, where the two companies are now fighting over a pickup Emoji.

As you might know, there is no emoji for pickup trucks in smartphones until now, but an upcoming update will add the missing emoji.

But the competition ended up with an emoji that is different from what the two companies suggested, the new pickup emoji has been approved and will be added to Emoji 13.0. It is slated to start hitting smartphones in the second half of 2020.

As we see in the picture, the pickup truck emoji seems cartoonish and its design seems to be inspired by old classic pickup trucks.

After Ford Motor Company introduced the idea of a pickup truck emoji, and proposed its own design, petitioning the United Consortium for its addition to the list of approved emojis for 2020, the design was not approved and another emoji was chosen.  This prompted the competing company Chevrolet to take advantage of this situation and released a picture of a Silverado towing the truck emoji on a flatbed trailer as if it had broken down or something.

Ford And Chevrolet Dispute Over Pickup Emoji (2)

The picture was posted in a tweet that said, “Looks like @FordTrucks finally got the emoji they wanted. #NotOurTruckEmoji.”

Away from the competition between Ford and Chevrolet, what matters to us now that there is finally a truck emoji to join the list of other vehicle emojis which includes a racecar, a regular 4-door car,  a motorcycle, and an SUV.


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