Ferrari Makes A Historic Decision Due To Concerns Over (COVID-19)

Our team at ArabGT is deeply saddened by the sad historical decision the Italian carmaker Ferrari has made due to concerns over (COVID-19) , which sets a precedent in its history since it was founded in 1947 in Maranello, Italy, by the late Enzo Ferrari.

As we’re talking about an Italian company, you might have guessed our dear ArabGT followers, that Coronavirus (Covid-19) which is currently spreading tremendously in Europe and specifically in Italy, the home of the supercar industry, caused Ferrari to shut down production

Ferrari has officially announced that it will close its production facilities in Maranello and Modena from now until March 27, which echoes a decision taken by its rival Lamborghini last week, to stop production operations until March 25.

Ferrari Makes A Shocking Historic Decision Due To Concerns Over Coronavirus (1)

Perhaps many of our loyal followers will say that the suspension of Ferrari production for two weeks is an acceptable decision, but our team at ArabGT believes this period will be extended because we are talking about a company in Italy amid the outbreak of coronavirus, which has recorded more than 21 thousand cases so far and 1441 deaths, may God protect us all and preserve our health and wellness.

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Unfortunately, this number of patients is expected to rise during the coming days, according to the World Health Organization.

This decision will affect the production of two cars specifically; Ferrari F8 Tributo, which came to replace 488 GTB, and the new hybrid hypercar Ferrari SF90 Stradale that has a horsepower of 1000hp and a tremendous acceleration. However, everyone agrees without any doubt that public health and safety are more important.

We pray to Allah Almighty to make these days pass by and without harm, and stop the disease!

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