Driving Flying Cars Becomes A Reality In Saudi Arabia

Flying Cars In Saudi Arabia!

In today’s video, we will introduce Pal-V Liberty; the first flying car in Saudi Arabia, as a version of this vehicle, was shown recently in 2019 Riyadh Motor Show. ArabGT team was there and told us all about it!

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Watch the Video:

Certainly, the first thing that will attract you to this car is that it can fly and you can use this feature to escape traffic jams by flying in the sky without being hindered by any other vehicle.

The flying car is a Dutch project with Saudi support. Made by the Dutch company Pal-V and named Liberty, it has been extensively tested to document every success it makes

The first real flying car in Saudi Arabia is still waiting for approval by the Saudi Government and is expected to obtain all the necessary licenses soon, in order to be used effectively in the Kingdom’s atmosphere, God willing.

Upon obtaining the remaining licenses, drivers can train for flying this aircraft, and they must pass 45 hours of training before they are allowed to actually drive it.

Pal-V Liberty, the aircraft we are talking about in this report is a commercial production version, 90 of which will be initially made, most of them have been purchased so far, and only 22 flying cars have yet to get an owner.

The first flying car in Saudi Arabia will reach customers in mid-2021, as a 2022 model, and The price of Pal-V Liberty, in Saudi Arabia will start from 750 thousand US dollars equivalent to 2,812,500 Saudi riyals,


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