Carlos Ghosn Mysteriously Flees Japan To His Motherland, Lebanon

Just like what we see in Action and mystery movies, Carlos Ghosn the former president of Renault-Nissan Alliance managed to escape from the Japanese capital Tokyo and went to Lebanon discreetly.

Ghosn faced a number of charges after was arrested as he was leaving his private jet in Tokyo in November 2018. He spent 108 days in detention before he was bailed and arrested again for 21 days and bailed again! But before the end of 2019 Ghosn managed mysterious to escape to his motherland Lebanonز

According to confirmed official information, the French newspaper Les Echos revealed that the former president of the Renault-Nissan alliance, Mr. Carlos Ghosn, fled from Japan to arrive in Lebanon on Monday morning (or Sunday evening, according to some reports),

It was not clear how Ghosn left Japan as he was subjected to house arrest there, where he faced charges of financial wrongdoing, and he was waiting for a trial. Ghosn’s lawyer told reporters that the departure of his client, who faced a potential prison sentence, was a “complete surprise.”

Carlos Ghosn escape

The former head of the Renault-Nissan alliance who holds the French and Lebanese citizenship was awaiting the final verdict in April 2020, which made the Japanese authorities impose severe restrictions on his movements, but all this did not prevent Ghosn from escaping and returning to his homeland. Lebanon.

Although Mr. Carlos Ghosn had previously denied all charges against him, the Japanese judiciary accuses him of numerous financial manipulations, which include using Nissan funds for personal use, and understating his income and funneling $5 million of Nissan’s money to a car dealership he controlled.

Ghosn got out of prison after paying a bail of 9 million US dollars, equivalent to 33,750,000 Saudi riyals, before this dramatic escape.

He said in a statement “I have escaped injustice and political persecution.” He also said that he looked forward to communicating with journalists soon.

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