BMW i Interaction EASE Concept Paves The Way For A Rival Of Maybach GLS

After the 2020 Maybach GLS 600, the most luxurious Mercedes SUV, appeared last November, are we going to see the luxurious version of BMW X7 soon? This is what we expect!

Within our website founder, Mousub Shashaa, coverage of CES 2020, he witnessed the unveiling of BMW i Interaction EASE; a concept car that paves the way for future autonomous driving technologies that will be used in the production models produced by the Bavarian manufacturer.

The car also features a very luxurious interior despite an exterior design that looks like an ordinary box. This makes us expect that the German company will be focusing on interior designs rather than exterior designs, as is the case with Maybach models produced by its competitor Mercedes-Benz.

BMW i Interaction EASE interior was equipped with a very advanced artificial intelligence technology that uses gaze-sensing, and the acoustic and visual signals received from the internal and external sensors are processed according to the driving situation, time and location as well as vehicle signals, in order to browse the space around the vehicle.

For example, if a passenger’s gaze is cast on a restaurant, the concept panorama head-up display will show information about this restaurant and its menu, forming an augmented-reality user interface.

But before we imagine providing this advanced technology on a very luxurious BMW X7 that might be coming to compete against the new Mercedes Maybach GLS, we would like to inform you that the i Interaction EASE test car got an “Ease” mode that provides a very comfortable and refreshing environment for the car’s passengers through a position called “zero gravity” which aims to give the car’s occupants a sense of floating in mid-air.

In your opinion, will BMW decide to develop its model X7 and provide a high-end version of it to compete against the most luxurious Mercedes SUV?

Just as a reminder, 2020 BMW X7 has been test-driven in detail with our colleague Karim Deeb.


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