Are Cheap Spare Parts The Best Choice For Your Car?

If you’ve tried looking for spare parts for your car, you must have found different types of parts, as there are many types of parts that vary in price and quality in the market, and while most of us may want to choose cheap spare parts, especially since car repair requires additional costs besides the price of parts, which include the labor cost, and sometimes oils and fluids. However, the parts you buy may significantly affect the performance of the car.

Therefore, whether you tried to find spare parts in traditional stores or decided to relieve yourself from the hassle of moving between stores and avoid the risk of infection – God forbid – and chose to buy car parts on the Internet, our advice to you is to always find high-quality parts that fit your car.

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In today’s article, we will talk about a number of spare parts, both inexpensive and high-quality, and we will try to clarify the differences between these parts and the effects of their use:

Car brakes

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While it is preferable to change the brakes every 40,000 kilometers, cheap spare parts (brakes) may deteriorate much earlier, while high-quality brakes provide a distance of up to 80,000 kilometers and may reach more than 100,000 kilometers.


Suspension system

auto mechanic at car suspension repair work

There are also a number of benefits to be gained from using a high-performance suspension system compared to cheap spare parts. The use of high-performance shock absorbers and springs greatly reduces the impact of bumps, whether you are traveling at high or low speed, and it gives the driver and passengers a comfortable riding experience.



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In general, most good clutch discs do not need to be changed before 100 thousand km, while some high-quality discs reach more than 150 thousand km. Cheap and poorly made clutch discs may not reach 30 thousand km.



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The crankshaft is the piece that bears the largest effort among the engine parts, as it can be likened to a human spine, and therefore it must be taken care of more than other parts, especially when making adjustments that raise the engine’s power.

For example, a stock crankshaft on V8 engines can carry up to 450 hp without modification, but when the horsepower is raised to over 500 hp it is always better to use a high-performance modified crankshaft.

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