Announcement Of A New Car From Maserati To Keep Up With The Future Required This Italian Celebration

Innovation has always been a muse for Maserati’s engineers and designers: it all starts with a spark – a flash of brilliance that catches, that burns, that grows.

The natural world is full of moments where a single spark evolves into something new – an instant where hybridization acts as the catalyst for change, and divergent elements clash and combine; meet and mix; encounter and evolve; giving rise to something better than before.

Watch the Spark of Maserati Electrification:

From this same inspiration comes the all-new Ghibli Hybrid: the first in a line of new vehicles at the vanguard of a new era for Maserati.

Design a new hybrid car required converting the signature trident into a lightning-rod, channeling the energy from the atmosphere and infusing it with the DNA of Maserati

Photos ofThe lightning-rod that represents Maserati Hybrid logo:

The new car starts the next chapter in the Maserati story: the first hybrid engine in the history of the marque where innovation and technology meet with high-performance automotive engineering, driving Maserati boldly forward towards a more sustainable future.

As we do not know at the moment of writing these lines, what the new Maserati hybrid car will look like in its final production version, we will show you some spy photos of a prototype of the upcoming Maserati Ghibli taken during a secret test.

As a reminder, dear Arab GT followers, these are previous test drives presented to you  by our colleague Karim Deeb with Maserati Ghibli :

Our detailed Test Drive of Ghibli.

Our Test Drive of the all-wheel-drive Maserati Ghibli Q4.

Once the hybrid Maserati Ghibli s unveiled, we will introduce it to you with specifications and pictures, God willing.


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