An Old Ford Van Turned Into A 6×6 Raptor Unlike Any Other In The world

Today, dear ArabGT followers will introduce o an old Van Ford that turned into a 6X6 Ford F150 Raptor pickup unlike any other in the world.

Before we talk about these crazy modifications, we would like to remind you of 5  of Exploration Journey episodes that our team  shot last year in Saudi Arabia with the 2020 Raptor and 2020 Ranger pickup trucks:


Now let’s talk about the eye-catching modification project, which is the main topic of this article which included turning an old Ford into a distinctive thing that considers itself a special Raptor version with 6 wheels.

A set of images that show the result of the modification process:

Ford Market company in Russia, decided to use the old Ford E Series to transform into a special thing called  “6×6 Raptor Bus

And we got a picture showing the sad state of the American Ford E Series van before it was transformed into this huge 6-wheeled red monster, which makes us remember the Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6 that inspired  the idea of providing cars with 6 wheels for many fans of Modifications

he modifications included providing the van with a modified body kit, huge wheels and LED lights derived from the current Ford F 150 Raptor pickup vehicle, and it also had a black front grille from Raptor.

Mechanical specifications of the Ford van that turned into a fake Raptor with 6 wheels is ambiguous, but our team at Arab GT does not rule out that it depends on the same engine as the current 2020 Ford Raptor, which is a 6-cylinder V-shaped 3.5-liter  with a twin-turbo , and it generates 450 hp and 691 Nm of torque.


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