An Old Ford Taurus Transformed into Chevrolet Camaro

Ford Taurus is noot exactly the best car for modification jobs, but for the fans of crazy modifications that are unprecedented in the world, we will introduce in this article the result of converting an old Ford Taurus into a fake version of the American muscle car Chevrolet Camaro!

Today, our dear followers we got a bunch of photos and videos documenting the transformation of this old sedan into a fake version of Camaro.

Perhaps this modified car is better called Chevrolet Tamaro instead of Camaro to show its true origins!

According to our information, an old 1991 Ford Taurus was modified into a fake Camaro! But we wonder why would someone modify the old used Taurus and turn it into a Camaro instead of Ford Mustang muscle car for example! At least both cars are made by the oval company!

These photos were published by user name Nicave13 on, and according to the guy, the 1991 Taurus was originally in light blue and was bought in November 2001 for $ 500 (1,875 Saudi riyals).

Then he decided to move to Las Vegas in 2009 and leave the old car with his parents. He took a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS / RS with him.

But years after leaving the old Taurus, he decided that he could not live with one car only, so he brought the old Ford to live with him in Las Vegas. Then he decided to turn it into a fake Camaro and the result is what we see in these photos with a body painted in red with black touches.

Watch The Video:


Apart from the old Ford Taurus transformation into Chevrolet Camaro, we would like to show you some photos for the interior of a fully-loaded 2020 Ford Taurus version dedicated to the Chinese market only.

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