An Old Chevrolet Colorado Turned Into A Convertible Unlike Any Other In The World

Today we will introduce you to an old Chevrolet Colorado truck that has been modified in a very crazy way and turned into a convertible like no other in the world!

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Now, let’s return to our topic and check the pictures of the old Chevrolet Colorado truck that was turned into a convertible:

This modified truck appeared recently in the US state of Texas and is mainly based on the 2005 Colorado pickup, and it is going to be sold in an auction that will be held next November, God willing.

This  Chevrolet Colorado displays a chopped top paired with rearward-sloping windows, suicide doors, and an open cockpit. The chassis was lowered to a great extent that we see the tires are tucked way inside the vehicle’s fenders. The Colorado was also provided with 22-inch rims and a modified body kit that increased its width and gave it a distinctive sporty character.

The body of this modified truck got a distinctive two-tone champagne and burgundy paintwork with a very detailed stripe, and the interior got leather upholstery with matching colors.

This used American truck is powered by a 3.5-liter 5-cylinder engine outfitted with a K&N air intake, raising the power of its beating heart up to 220 hp (223 PS) and 305 Newton meters of torque.

This old Chevrolet Colorado which was transformed into a convertible like no other in the world, will soon be sold, and its price is likely to range between 75,000 to 100,000 US dollars, equivalent to 281,250 Saudi riyals to 375,000 Saudi riyals.

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