An 800 hp Twin Turbo Silverado Becomes The Pride Of Arabian Modification

Like every Sunday and with the start of each new week, fans of modifications are on a date with a new episode of  Special Car program, with Suhaib Shashaa, and today’s star, the Twin turbo Silverado truck is equipped with an engine that generates 800 horsepower.

Don’t be fooled by the exterior, we are not talking about a regular Chevrolet Silverado today, but rather about a powerful monster with high-performance numbers.

Watch how the Emirati modifications compete with the American modifications with today’s star of Special Car:

Mechanically, the modified Chevrolet Silverado is powered by a twin-turbo 5,300 cc V8 engine, with the same capacity of the original engine, but it received extensive modifications.

Modification parts prices:

  • Exhaust price is 1,040 USD.
  • The price of HKS boost controller is $ 680.
  • The price of throttle is $ 2,425.
  • The price of turbo kit is 7,750 USD.
  • The price of Fuel System is 1,089 USD.
  • The price of the rims is $ 1,900.
  • The price of Methanol Kit is 1,225 USD.
  • The price of the inner parts inside the engine is 6,800 USD.

We thank the Subzero garage which provided us with an 800 hp Silverado truck.

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Suhaib spoke today about a product of Mopar that solves a problem keeps the car shiny after washing it.

We introduced in today’s episode Silverado that has got a Garrett GT30 Twin Turbo, alongside piping from the Kuwaiti Bullet Company, which owns a factory in Dubai.

Share your opinion of the star after watching the episode, and wait for more episodes of Special Car program , God willing, so that we can achieve our slogan “Towards an Arab Name Among Nations”

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