Air Intake System Explained At The Sound Of A Thousand Horsepower

Today, you are on a date with a new episode of Easy Mechanics program, which was filmed and finally, praise be to God, in the right place, to talk about the air intake system of the engine.

After UAE announced new timings for National Disinfection Program, which was imposed to stop the spread of coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates, our ArabGT team can now move within specific hours, and this prompted us to change the shooting location of Easy Mechanics program and move it to a car garage instead of Karim Deeb’s house.

Many thanks to Super Fix Garage, for providing us with the right location for filming this episode.

First of all, we would like to remind you of the topics that we have discussed in previous episodes of this mechanical program:


Watch this episode to know more about air intake system:

After Karim stood next to a modified V6, he reminded us that in previous episodes he said that the engine depended on fuel and air, and today we will introduce the stages in which air is delivered to the beating heart of the car.

Parts of The Air intake System

  • Air Filter, which is considered one of the cheapest consumable parts in the cars that must be changed during the car service.  This part purifies the air from dust and dirt before it enters the combustion chamber. Karim explained when to replace the air filter.
  • Air Mass Sensor, which measures the amount of air drawn by the air filter and sends the data to the car’s ECU, then orders are given to the fuel pump to deliver the amount of gasoline appropriate to the amount of air in the combustion chamber.
  • Electronic throttle, in this part the accelerator pedal is electronically connected to the throttle, which regulates the amount of fuel or air entering the engine. (Karim also explained the mechanical throttle and showed us how it works on a 2JZ engine installed in a modified Drift car, which is a BMW E36 with a power of more than a thousand ph)
  • Intake Manifold, which is the place where the air is piled up before entering the combustion chamber through its channels

Air Intake System Explained At The Sound Of A Thousand Horsepower (1)

Finally, Karim told us about the Spark Plugs that provide the spark of ignition, and how they get the power they need from the Ignition Coil which is connected to the car’s ECU.

We also talked during today’s episode about the fuel tank, which has a fuel pump inside, it is possible to have two petrol pumps, and in some modified cars, it is possible to find 4 fuel pumps working to deliver fuel to the engine.

By this, we end our episode today, and we will talk about the oil cooling system next week, God willing!

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