Action Time With A Powerful Supra, A Modified M5 And A Classic Mini

Today dear Arab GT followers we will present a new episode of the Forza Horizon 4 program with our colleague Suhaib Shashaa who is enjoying some Action Time living in a virtual world of speed with his Xbox.

Before we talk about what we will be showing you in today’s episode, we would like to remind you how Suhaib decided to try the best car game on Xbox , and then to convert a room in his house to a car race circuit at a reasonable price.

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In the time of Coronavirus – may God protect us all- and while most of us these days staying home. came the idea of ​​using video games to experience the joy of  fast driving but  from behind the screen.

Watch Today’s Video:

First we would like to mention that the name of the Arab GT team in Forza Horizon 4, as mentioned previously is ARABGT SUHAIB.

In today’s video, Suhaib showed us a modified Toyota Supra Mark 4 turbo that he owns in his private garage within this game on Xbox. He also drove BMW M5 E60 and performed a digital drift show, and he showed us a tractor he won.

Suhaib drove Supra which was modified to generate a power a thousand horsepower and he reached crazy  speed of 367 km / h in the video game, then he talked about the package of modifications that was installed on this Japanese sports car, which included an air filter, a camshaft, pistons, rods, and other mechanical parts. The weight of this modified car was reduced dramatically, and it also got 19 ” wheels

Eventually, Suhaib rounded up the action time with a test drive of a classic mini and reached a top speed of 288 km / h, which is nearly impossible to do in real life!

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