A New Toyota Yaris Crossover Officially Confirmed

For the first time, dear Arabs GT followers we received official information confirming that a new Toyota Yaris crossover is coming soon to the market.

But before we talk about the newest crossover from Japanese Toyota, we want to remind you that we provided you with a teaser video last December that reveals the exhaust sound of the upcoming Toyota Yaris GR-4 when it was driven by Toyota president who races using the name” Morizo”

And now let’s return to the subject of this news, the third category of Toyota Yaris that will be coming soon. As you already know, there is a hatchback Yaris and a sedan, and now a crossover Yaris will be joining them soon.

The new information indicated that the upcoming Yaris crossover will be dedicated to the European market, and it will be built on GA-B chassis, but it will not be bigger than its sister Toyota C-HR, nor will it be just a higher Yaris Hatchback, as the Japanese manufacturer is set give the new crossover version of Toyota Yaris a new identity.

“You won’t have to wait too long to see the final design, and you will see that this is not just a Yaris with body cladding and raised suspension, but an entirely new and distinctive B-SUV model with a compact, dynamic design and personality of its own,” Matt Harrison, Executive Vice President of Toyota’s European business, says.

According to the plans of the Japanese company Toyota, the new crossover version of the new Toyota Yaris is expected to record sales of 30% of Toyota cars on the European market by 2025. The name of the new crossover, its pricing, and the time of market launch will be announced later.

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