A New English Sports Car Unveiled to Compete Against Porsche 911

2021 Jaguar F-Type

As you might already know, there is a new English sports car that will officially appear with an updated version soon, to challenge the German cars; Porsche 911, Audi R8, and Mercedes AMG GT.

Jaguar F Type, which got the first revamp of its first generation that began in 2013, now is getting a new Facelift to keep up with the competitors in its class.

Although Jaguar has in recent years focused on introducing crossover and SUV vehicles that are experiencing high sales globally, such as Jaguar F-Pace, E-Pace, and I-Pace, but the company haven’t abandoned sports cars, and it has released a couple of pictures of Its new sports car Jaguar 2021 F-Type, which got a sharper design with several technological updates coupled with a new V8 engines.

First, we will talk about the external updates of the 2021 Jaguar F Type, which included a more aggressive identity and a refurbished front grille containing a larger honeycomb mesh pattern and surrounded by new slim headlamps.

The new English sports car also got a new clamshell hood with sharp lines and curves, while air vents were positioned further forward for greater efficiency, and the new front bumper had bolder surfaces. The car was certainly equipped with new wheels.

From the back, we notice a slight update on the design of the rear lights, and on the design of the rear bumper, while exhaust pipes emerge from the rear diffuser, clearly signaling the new F-Type’s great performance.

In the interior of the new English sports car, we note that the most important renovation is the new touchscreen for the infotainment system that supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto.  The car also came with a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel.

Available Engine Options:

A 4-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged engine generating 296 hp (300 PS) and 400 Nm of torque. With this engine, the car accelerates from 0 to 96 km / h in 5.4 seconds before reaching a top speed of 250 km / h.

A supercharged 5-liter V8 engine generating 444 hp (450 PS) and 580 Nm of torque, connected to an 8-speed automatic gearbox with an all-wheel-drive system, that propels the car to 96 km / h in 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 285 km / h.

The 2021 F Type R  engine generates 567 hp (575 PS) and 700 Nm of torque, it accelerates from 0 to 96 km / h in 3.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 299 km / h. This version comes with 20-inch wheels.

Jaguar customers in America can choose a supercharged 3-liter V8 engine generating 380-hp (385 PS) and 459 Nm of torque.

The price of the 2021 Jaguar F-Type in its home country Britain will start from £ 54,060 ($ 70,110) equivalent to SAR 262,912.





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