A New 8-Passenger SUV From Triton With 1,500 Horsepower

The All-Electric Triton Model H

Before reading this news, dear Arab GT followers, let us pose this question:  who among you know has heard about the company that manufactured this new SUV that can carry 8 people on board ? We assure you that the name of this company is new, not to most but to all of you,!

We are talking about a new car provided by Triton Solar company, which was founded in 2012 and headquartered in New Jersey. This new American company aims to change how energy is consumed and it depends on environmentally friendly energy, which prompted it toestablishTritonEV department specializing in the construction of fully electric vehicles.

and today we will introduce you the first car produced by this company

The new car we’re talking about in this article; Triton Model H, is a premium electric SUV designed to comfortably accommodate eight people, and it’s clear that it is seeking to compete against the  Tesla Model X, which we have already test-driven in an episode of Test Drive program presented to you by our colleague  Karim Deeb

Watch Tesla Model X Test Drive Here

The distinctive thing about this car is its powertrain, which consists of 4 electric motors, for a total output of  1,500 horsepower, and it can travel a distance of more than 1,126 km / h (700 miles / h) per electric charge, which is a very huge number in relation to its size! Triton says its new vehicle can achieve this impressive range depending on a massive 200 kWh battery

In Model H Performance version, which has all-wheel drive, the new electric SUV can accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h (60 mph) in 2.9 seconds.

Official information also revealed that the price of Triton Model H performance starts from $180,000, which equals 675,000 Saudi riyals.

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