A Modified Nissan Patrol With A Twin Turbo Generates 1,300+ hp

A 1,330 HP supercar killer modified Nissan Patrol, will be the star of today’s episode of Special Car program with Suhaib Shashaa.

Despite its exterior shape that does not look special at all, today we will introduce a mighty Japanese monster, as we are talking about an old Patrol with limited exterior modifications that include a new hood lightweight hood, and a giant intercooler as we can see in the front.

Meet the modified Monster equipped with Twin Turbo generating more power than the legendry Bugatti Veyron:

This version of Nissan Patrol was powered by a 4,800 cc 6-cylinder engine, but the car dad a stroker kit that increased displacement to 5.0Lwith, and it was equipped with a twin-turbo, each turbocharger provides air to 3 cylinders. The car was originally equipped with an automatic transmission and then it was replaced with a manual transmission that can withstand more than a thousand horsepower.

This modified car has been programmed to enable you to use pump fuel through low boost software (the lowest power of the car is 800 hp), but you can also use race fuel and achieve 1,300 hp through the high boost software.

Modification Cost:

Engine modifications $ 3,650
The price of the head valves is 544 USD
The price of the clutch 1,400 USD
Intercooler price 2,995 USD
The price of the Garrett Twin Turbo T76 / 35 is $ 8,168

We thank the owner of this modified car, Saleh Al-Osaimi, for lending us his car, the Nissan Patrol VTC that has been modified by Garage F Performance.

During today’s episode, Suhaib showed us a Mopar product that can clean the glass from the outside and inside, no matter how dirty it is,

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