A Modified Ford F150 With Mustang Engine Proves Its Insane Speed

Today, we will provide you, dear Arabs GT followers, with a new video posted on the Internet, through which we will introduce a modified Ford F150 pickup equipped with an engine borrowed from Ford Mustang GT. In this video, we see the incredible speed that was recorded by this modified truck on the track.

Before talking about this modified pickup, we would like to remind you that Ford F150 is the best-selling pickup model in the American market, which is considered the second-largest market in the world after the Chinese market.

Watch the speed of the modified Ford F150 truck recorded on the dragstrip:

According to the video attached to this article, the Ford F-150 equipped with a Mustang GT engine was able to travel the quarter-mile strip (400 meters)  in 8.951 seconds at a speed of 248.6 km / h (154.53 mph). It’s worth noting that even high-performance supercars cannot achieve This record !!!

To be more clear, we will provide you with a list of the supercars that could run the quarter-mile strip in 9 seconds to :

According to what was published on The Drive website, this American pick-up vehicle was modified by the Lund Racing team, which equipped  this Ford F 150 with a twin-turbo 5-liter V8 engine. This mustang-derived beating heart also got some mechanical modification sand the fuel system was modified too among other tweaks that raised its power to 1,100 hp when fueled with E85 fuel.

A Modified Ford F150 With Mustang Engine Proves Its Insane Speed (2)

The Ford F150 comes with a new engine as mentioned above, that is connected to a modified 10-speed automatic transmission upgraded with a McCleod clutch kit.

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