A Modified Dodge Viper Becomes More Powerful Than Bugatti Veyron

Today, dear Arabs GT followers, we will be showing you a video of a world speed record set by a modified 2006 Dodge Viper, which was equipped with a modified engine more powerful than the Bugatti Veyron engine, the legendary car whose production was stopped in 2015.

We are talking in this article about one of the versions of the poisonous Viper that got a professional mechanical modification package, which raised the American car performance numbers tremendously, but it did not prevent the use of this old Dodge Viper on public roads, to assure you that we are not talking in this article about a race car dedicated for circuits.

Watch The Video:

As we’ve seen, this modified 2006 Dodge Viper managed to reach the maximum speed ever recorded by a Viper, reaching a speed of 406.501 km / h (252,588 mph). This record speed was set on the Johnny Bohmer Proving track in the United States of America, which is 4.34 km (2.7 mi) long ).

The Modified 2006 Dodge Viper Mechanical Specifications:

After being heavily modified, this old American sports car is powered by a twin-turbo 8.5-liter V10 engine, generating 1,400 hp and 1,596 Nm of torque. The rear-drive American sports car also got a braking parachute – that helps the brakes to stop the car.

A Modified Dodge Viper Becomes More Powerful Than Bugatti Veyron (2)

As a reminder, In October 2015, the Fiat Chrysler group announced that the Viper would end production in 2017, and indeed in 2017 production of the Dodge Viper vehicles was ended after producing 5 generations of this sporty model since it was introduced in 1992.

And in the end, we would like to remind you that our latest test drive of this model took place on Al-Reem International Circuit in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, when we test-drove a Dodge Viper ACR Extreme. owned by Captain Abdulaziz Al-Fudaili, SRT Ambassador in the Middle East who won the SRT Monsters Competition on your site, ArabGT.

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