A Modified Beetle Cup Edition Competes In Volkswagen Stars Challenge

Volkswagen Stars challenge has finally reached its last stop, the State of Kuwait, and today we introduce the 12th competitor, Fahd Aman, who is competing for the title on a Beetle Cup Edition.

The 28-year-old Fahd, who works as a chemistry teacher has a unique car indeed, there are only 250 cars ever made of this edition, a special car that Suhaib always chose when he played Gran Turismo 2. But now he got to ride in the real car.

Watch Today’s episode to know how Fahd Aman realized his dream:(English Subtitled)

When his father called him and said he got him a new car, Fahd skipped the lectures in left the university to dee the car of his dreams, but he was disappointed as his father bought a regular VW Beetle, not the Cup Edition car Fahd wanted.

Later on, Fahd saved money and managed to make his dream come true, he eventually bought a Beetle Cup Edition, the only one with a sunroof in Kuwait. But unfortunately, his car was hit from behind while he was driving to University, and the hit destroyed the rear bumper.

But again, he didn’t give up, and looked for a new Beetle Cup Edition and got it.

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