A Modified 2020 Toyota Avalon Looks Like A Racing Sports Car

In this article, we will see the result of digitally modifying the full-size sedan 2020 Toyota Avalon and turning it into something totally different, as the car now looks like a racing sports car that is ready for circuits.

Before talking about the modification job, we would like to remind you that our colleague Karim Deeb has already test-driven the new Avalon, which competes against Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Impala, Nissan Maxima, Kia Cadenza and Hyundai Azera. You can watch this episode of Test Drive program HERE.

With the increase in global demand for crossovers and SUVs, the car-manufacturing giants such as Ford and General Motors have become focused on providing new models of this category at the expense of reducing the supply of sedans. But Toyota is still betting on this category of cars, and even though it introduced a number of Crossover models, we saw the Japanese carmaker has also introduced Avalon TRD and Avalon all-wheel-drive models.

Today, a very distinctive digital images of a Toyota Avalon body kit was introduced by Brad Builds, see the photo collection:

As we can see, Avalon body kit increased its width, and it reduced its height to add a sporty touch that made it look like a NASCAR racing sports car

We also note that the car was equipped with a large black front grille and tinted headlamps. The modification package included new front and rear bumpers and an extended front lip. From the back, there is a huge rear spoiler and a prominent air diffuser with two exhaust tips. The car also got very prominent wheel arches, new wheels, and new tires.

This digitally modified Toyota Avalon got a distinctive blue exterior color with a sporty orange stripe to contrast the black parts provided by Body Cut.

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